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can closing machine
can seamer jk somme round can closer
tinning machine

JK SOMME new generation automatic round can closer for seaming round cans made of tinplate, aluminum or “composite”. Accepting cans with a maximum diameter of 165 mm and heights between 20 to 275 mm, or higher on special request.

Up to 90 cans per minute maxi. mech. capacity, depending on can size and product inside, to be confirmed each time. Easy to adjust and surprising the quality and stability of the seam achieved. Minimum product spillage.

MONOBLOCK can closing machine made up of:

A) Rotary CLINCHER with “6” clinching stations to separate, fed, centre, push down the product and clinch each cover on its can. Accepting overfilled cans.

B) Sturdy single stainless steel seaming head with 4 seaming arms, two 1st. and two 2nd. operation seaming rolls. Lifter plate with can fixing & centering clamps. “Stand still” seaming op.

can closing machine can seamer round can closer

Constant working level. Can counter. Quick can height adjustment, minimum maintenance. Main gears in oil bath. Other gears with centralised lubrication (automatic as option).

jk somme tinning machine can closing machine round can closer

Stainless steel heavily used. All parts in contact with the can & product as many other parts and screws made in stainless steel or protected against corrosion. Under frame and top table covered with same metal sheets. S.S. tray below to collect 100 % fallen liquids & products. Easy to clean and quick water drainage.

  • Stainless steel all around CE safety guards, easy dismounting.
  • "No can - no cover".
  • "Anti-Jams" that stops the machine if a cover fails or is missing.
  • Mechanical protection against overloads.
  • Warning light indicating any machine disfunction.

One single 3 HP motor. Electronic DC Speed Variator. Control voltage at safety 24 volts.

Seaming heads
Clinching stations
Max can diameter
Min max can heights
Cans closed per minute
can closing machine
1 6 165 mm 20-275 mm <100 minute
can seamer


* Filler power drive.
* Rotary cover marker for a maximum of 3 rows x 7 marks.
* Oil / Sauce fillers.

can seamer jk somme

COMPLEMENTARY CANNING MACHINES for tinning machine Master 346 Box (oil fillers, sauce fillers, can washers, can dryers, can labelers...) Click here for more information about this machines.

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