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Jk Somme fully automatic machine for seaming round cans (sanitary can seamer) made of tinplate, aluminum or composite with diameters between 52 and 99 mm (Saga 003L between 105 and 153 mm) and heights between 43 and 160 mm (Saga 003L between 110 y 230 mm).

Up to 60 cans per minute maxi. mech. capacity, depending on quality and product inside, to be confirmed each time (Saga 003L between 10 and 40 cans per minute). Cans are kept moving all the time, only during seaming motion cans stand still. Minimum product spillage. Easy to adjust and surprising the quality and stability of the seam achieved.

Can seamer made up of:

Single seaming head with 4 seaming rolls (x2 1st op & x2 2nd op).

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Mechanically operated automatic cover feed, placed on the side of the machine in full view of the operator. Safety clutch in case a cover becomes jammed. Can infeed conveyor with can selecting timing screw. Strongly constructed with feed and extractor fingers. Can counter. Constant working level. Rapid can change over with the proper change parts. Change of can height can be made without additional parts. One single 2 HP motor. Electronic DC speed variator. Control voltage at 24 volts. Easy to clean.


Parts in contact with can made in stainless steel.

  • “No can-no cover”.
Seaming heads
Accepted can diameters
Min-max can height
Cans per minute
cerradora de latas

52 - 99 mm

105 - 153 mm

43 - 160 mm

110 - 230 mm

<60 minute

<40 minute

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Oli/Sauce fillers.

cerradora de latas

COMPLEMENTARY CANNING MACHINES for tin sealing machines Saga 003 (oil fillers, sauce fillers, can washers, can dryers, can labelers...) Click here for more information about this machines.