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Jk Somme Irregular Can Seamer
non round can closer universal can closer jk somme rectangular tin seamer
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hansa irregular can seamer

Jk Somme Irregular Can Seamer

New generation automatic machine for seaming all can shapes: square, oval, rectangular, pear shape, etc. made of tinplate, aluminum or "composite". Accepting cans with a maximum diagonal of 166 mm (125 mm) and widths between 44 and 110 mm (44 and 80 mm). Can heights from 20 to 150 mm, or higher on special request. Cans are kept moving all the time. Smooth, non violent running. Minimum product spillage. Up to 260 cans per minute max. mech. capacity, depending on can and product inside, to be confirmed each time. Easy to adjust and surprising the quality and stability of the seam achieved.

MONOBLOCK non round can closer made up of:

A) 6 or 9 stations rotary clincher to separate, fed, center, push and position the product and clinch each cover on its can at two points. Adjustable clinching cams.

B) 5 revolving UNIMAG "balanced" heads rotary can seaming turret, with 4 seaming arms & rolls each working on independent adjustable seaming operation cams. Reinforced seaming levers. "Short Cycle" seaming system, with rolls working in opposition, two & two, for a perfect seaming balance. Double guided lifter plates for a perfect parallelism. Equipped with original, patented, ANTI TWIST system to avoid "can seam twisting".

non round can closer universal can closer somme rectangular tin seamer

Multifunction human interface touch screen control pannel (seamed can counter, cpm daily and weekly prods...) Additional control pusher in front of the machine for simple - convenient machine adjustment.

Motorised seamed can exit conveyor for a fluid & perfect delivery/exit.

SYNCHROCAN system which synchronizes the can entrance with the timing screw avoiding spillage and deformed cans.(Multi adjustable)


All parts in contact with the can & product as many other parts made in stainless steel or treated against corrosion. Underframe and top table covered with same metal sheets. S.S. tray bellow to collect 100 % fallen liquids & products as well as big lateral collecting gutter. Easy to clean and quick water drainage.

  • Stainless integral CE safety guards with easy dismounting covers equipped with handles.
  • "No can-no cover".
  • "Anti-Jam" that stops the machine if a cover fails or is missing thus preventing cans from being "stitched" to the seaming chuck.
  • Warning light indicating any machine disfunction.(no lids on deposit, opened doors...)
  • x2 emergency stop buttons.

Constant can taxi working level.

Quick can height adjustment, minimun and easy maintenance.

Centralised grease lubrication (automatic as option).

One single horizontal 10 HP motor. Electronic DC speed variator inside independent electrical stainless cabinet. Control voltage at safety 24V.

"Irregular tin closer working in very hazardous conditions all kinds of club cans, dingley cans, hansa cans, oval cans..."

Seaming heads
Clinching stations
Max diagonal
Min-Max. width
Min-Max. height
Cans closed/minute
5 6 166 mm 44-110 mm 20-150 mm <240 minuto
5 9 125 mm 44-110 mm 20-150 mm <260 minuto

* The rectangular tin seamer Viking 495 Box can be mechanically linked to any kind of volumetric ( piston ), vacuum or gravity filler of major machine makers ( Elmar, Zilli Bellini, Hema, M & P, P-Faudler, Zacmi... )

shaped tins closer


Automatic greasing with pump.
Filler power drive.
Rotary cover marker for a maximum of 3 rows x 8 marks.
Volumetric or gravity oil - sauce fillers.
hansa non round can closer

COMPLEMENTARY MACHINES for universal can closer Viking 465/495 Box (oil fillers, sauce fillers, can washers, can dryers...) Click here for more information about this machines.

universal can closer

somme rectangular tin seamer