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can seamer somme

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can seamers somme
can seamer somme

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somme can seamer

"A Spanish - Norwegian SAGA which started 100 years ago in Bilbao (Spain). Our main activity: the manufacturing of can seamers for non round - irregular cans ( 1/4 club, dingley, 1 Ib oval, hansa, etc... ), round cans & vacuum seaming. Already 6000 can seamers sold around the world. This could not have been possible without the support & trust of our customers, agents & friends: Thank you !!! Wishing you the best for the 2009 canning campaign, Oscar Somme (General Manager)"

can seamers somme

Spare parts & complete toolings for our seamers and for any SOMME can seamer model 444, 343, Marina 424, Elsa 300, etc.


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